Promises to our clients



  • A WARM GREETING: You will be properly greeted upon entering our salon.
  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: You will receive only the best customer service from our employees
  • BEST TANNING PACKAGE FOR YOUR NEEDS: We will make every effort to best match you up to the best tanning package or membership in the ideal bed/booth for your tanning needs.
  • A CLEAN BED / BOOTH AND A FRESH TOWEL: You will be walked back to your room by our Tanning associates who will ensure the bed/booth is clean and has a freshly laundered towel on the seat for your use.
  • RESPECT FOR YOUR TIME: The salon will be open during posted business hours or you will receive a free upgrade.
  • LITTLE OR NO WAITING: In the event of a wait for any booth of more than 20 minutes, we will offer half price upgrades to all paying customers.
  • THE BEST EQUIPMENT: All salon equipment, including tanning beds/booths and air conditioning units, will be maintained on a regular basis and will be in top working order to ensure you the best tan in the most comfortable environment possible.
  • A GUARANTEE AGAINST UN-USED MEMBERSHIPS: Sometimes you get busy and can't tan. Club-HT members will receive an in-store credit of 50% of unused months.
  • SIMPLE, CONFUSION-FREE MEMBERSHIP CONTRACTS: Membership contracts will be thoroughly explained to you by one of our employees prior to allowing your signature and a copy of the contract will be provided to you upon request.



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