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Did you know tanning dry skin wastes the first 3-5 minutes of your tanning sessions?  Dry skin deflects UV and healthy, moist skin absorbs UV.  Not using a quality indoor tanning lotion undermines the time you take to achieve your golden glow.

GOOD NEWS…..Hollywood Tans Fairfax and Springfield have brought together the latest breakthroughs in skin conditioning technology We offer Supre Tan, Hollywood Tans, MR International, Designer Skin, Devoted Creations, Infinity Sun, Norvell, Mystic, and much more. Accelerators, tinglers, maximizers, bronzers work their magic by incorporating natural and science-based ingredients.  Use them every time you tan to maximize your color with silky-soft, glamorous skin.







   Skincare Products for Red Light Therapy, Sunless Spray Tan

With Red Light Therapy, before and after skincare is crucial to receive the most beneficial properties of the red light. As for Mystic Sunless and Infinity Sun Airbrush, we believe in a great home care regimen to help your sunless experience last longer. Products help your tan look its best.

Your Hollywood Tans salon associate will work with you to determine the best lotion for you.